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A huge step in your life is the first step that your baby takes. Another memorable moment is the christening of your baby. Of course you will want to take a moment to buy the appropriate cards to send to everybody who attended the christening, or sent a gift. However, once you have chosen the cards you want to send out, you will need to know what to write inside the cards.


Your Christening thank you messages do not have to be as somber as the occasion. What you write to each person depends upon the person you are sending the card to. If it is that wild uncle, an irreverent message may be more suitable than the reverent message you send to your prim aunt. Feel free to personalize the messages to your relations and close friends, but a sincere, heartfelt note of thanks is all you need write to make your point.

Take a cue from a few of the following examples:

Short Baptism Thank You Messages

These short messages are ideal for small nice cards.

We truly were blessed by your presence at the christening.

We were ever so graced by your attendance at our child’s christening, thank you.

Thank you for attending our child’s christening, the other day. We’re so happy you chose to share the occasion with us.

Thank You Message for Presence during Christening

Although the occasion was one of a blessing for an infant, you let the guest know that there was more than one blessing in the church that day, and it was them.

This is a mild play on words that expresses a strong feeling of gratitude that will not be lost on those receiving it.


Thank You Message for Godparents, from the Baby

Another way to write beautiful Christening thank you messages is to quote your child as the one relaying the message. Here are some ideas.

Hi Aunt Laura,

I’m really glad that you came to attend my Christening. I may not remember what happened today, but I know people around me will tell me the story as I grow. Thank you for spending this special day with me.

- [Baby Name]

Hi Uncle Sonny,

Thank you for being my godparent. I appreciate your presence and I look forward to spending some days with you as I grow up!

- [Baby Name]

Click on the images below if you’re looking for Baptism/Christening thank you cards.

Thank You Message for Godparents, from the Parents

A common way of saying thank you would come from the parents. The key here is to show your gratitude for the presence of the guests. It’s also helpful if you can make the thank you message as personal as possible. Here are some examples.

Hi Sue and Sam,

We would like to thank for joining us Kay’s baptism. We know that you spent six hours on the road just to make it to this event, and we really, really appreciate that. Baby Kay may not remember what happened this day, but we’ll sure be telling her stories as she grows. The pictures of how happy she is with the two of you speak a lot of how she enjoyed your presence.

Again, thank you so much for spending the special day with us. We look forward to visiting you soon!

- Tom and Sally

Dear Mica,

Thank you so much for being Baby Joy’s godmother. We truly appreciate your presence in yesterday’s ceremonies during the Christening. Though Joy cried when you held her (don’t worry, she won’t remember that!), I’m sure she will be smiling as she grows knowing that you’re always there for her as a second mother.

Thanks again!

- Lynette and Carlos

Christening Thank You Message for the Gift

Lastly, you can be specific on the gift that you received for the baptism. Again, you have to make this more personal to show that your gratitude is really heartfelt. Here’s a sample.

Dearest Janet,

We would like to thank you for the clothes and doll that you gave Kay for christening. She really looks very pretty in that cute dress. She also enjoys playing with the doll that you have. In fact, she always carries them wherever she goes. Thank you once again for these special gifts.

Kind regards,

Simple, heart-felt, and true, and those are the three words you should always bear in mind when at a loss as what to write in any card, for any occasion.

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