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A thank you message is one way to express your feelings after receiving a quality gift from someone you love. The gift may be for a wedding, birthday, holiday or an admirer who cares about your day. The message you return is important and will let the giver know how their thought has touched your heart and made another day a little better than the day before.

The following is a thank you Lord message to be used as an example of what you can create.


Dear God,

There are times in life when a thank you is not enough. So I ask that you bless the friend I cherish with happiness today. Provide her with a few moments of silent reflection on what she means to those of us who count on her to make the sun shine in our lives. Give her strength to face her own problems and the wisdom to reach out when she needs a friend. There are so many who are ready to take her by the hand and help pull her through any crisis, because she has pulled us through so many of our own dilemmas. She is a sweet, much loved woman. She leads by living the example we all strive for. She is gentle, she is honest and she never backs down from a challenge. She is our treasure and our jewel.



My life has been full of both happiness and challenges. You have been my refuge when I face roadblocks along the way. You help me stand up when I fall, when I have problems, when I thought that I won’t make it. I know there are times when I sometimes forget to say the simplest thank you for helping me cope up, but I know that you’re the reason for all the good things that happen to me — and I thank you Lord for all the help and guidance that you’ve been giving me.


If you need a message with a lot less words formed into a much more simple prose, the following speaks from the heart.

He walks with us in every step we take and for that I am thankful. I have asked him to take special care of each of your steps today.


It is simple and the person knows you want the best for their day and life. If you write from the heart with simple words of kindness, you message is clear. It does not have to be a long message.


Trust your heart and the Lord will provide the answer and the way. I trusted him to guide me and he gave me you.


If you are addressing a child, keep the message simple and sweet.


Thank you for the wonderful gift. I have asked the Lord to provide a special day for you today. All our love to you.


You are the special friend God gave to me. I am going to thank him every minute for making you my friend all day long.


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