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These days life is hurried, times are hard, things are stressful. It often seems that everyone is running around just trying to get through the day, with little thought to anyone else. However, simple thank you messages can help to make someone’s day.

If you really think about it, people around you are probably doing nice things for you all the time. You may give a quick “thanks” as you continue on your way, but why not stop to give a more heart felt thank you?

Maybe your neighbor brings your trash can in, or a co-worker shares a snack he or she knows you enjoy? It could be your kids who bring the newspaper in, or your spouse who cooks dinner or does the laundry. Whoever it is that does something to make your day a little brighter or easier, why not give them a thank you message? It can be a card, or even a mini card that has a nice quote on it. You could write in note card yourself if you have the words.

Very simple life events such as the ones above, is always a good time to say even simple appreciation messages.

  • Thanks for the gift…
  • Thank you for the dinner…
  • Thank you for visiting…
  • Thanks for lending me your book…
  • I appreciate what you did yesterday…
  • I really appreciate you taking care of my kid…

Taking the little bit of time to show your appreciation will make the recipient feel good. You might just inspire someone to do the same for someone else. Or they may just decide to perform more small kindnesses for others. It may make your corner of the world a better, nicer place. If everyone worked to make things that way in their world, imagine how things would change, one person and one or two thank you messages at a time.

When looking for the right message, search pre-written cards or look for gratitude quotes that can be used. If you are artistic, signs with quotes for walls are very popular right now; making your own would be a wonderful and welcomed addition to a home. You simply need a nice wood plaque, some paint and a great quotation to paint on the plaque. Another popular home decor item is vinyl wall stickers; many are available with thank you messages on them as well. Being kind and appreciating each other is wonderful way to live your life.

Here are some sample appreciation messages.

Hi [name],

I appreciate the help you offered me over the weekend.  I’m glad that I’ve completed the project on time, and I couldn’t have done it without you.  The advice that you gave really made me understand several concepts and designs.  I hope that I’ll work with you again in the future

Much thanks!

[Your name]


My dear [name],

I’m not used to writing letters like this since we were young.  Everything just flashed back to me when you prepared a wonderful dinner last night, and my initial thought was to write this just to show how much I appreciated your efforts.  My parents really loved the course and they really praised you for that.

I’m very lucky I am to have you as my wife.  I appreciate all the love and care that you gave me for so many years, and I know that we’ll be having more wonderful years to come.

See you tonight my love.  I’ll be home early.

Love you always.

[Your name]

PS.  Hope your smiling.  I remember the last letter I gave you was five years back :)



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