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One of the most important lessons in life is learning to say thank you.  While these words are meaningful when said in person, a more lasting impression is made when they are said in a letter.  Regardless of where your student is in the school year, parents need to set the example by sending a thank you letter to teacher for all that they do in educating the child.

While there are many things that can be done on the computer today, a thank you letter is not one of them.  Instead add true meaning to the letter by taking time to hand write the note.  While it may not be as neat looking, the recipient will realize that you have put some thought into the letter and not just used the copy and paste function from the computer to formulate a generic letter where the teacher’s name was added.  Choose a nice quality stationary, a blank note card or even card stock that the child decorates with his or her artwork.

Here are 3 tips on writing good thank you messages for teachers:

  1. It is important to begin the letter with a formal greeting.  The greeting should include the teacher’s name, as in Dear Coach Smith or Dear Mrs. Jones.  Avoid less formal greetings such as Hi, Hey or even Hello.
  2.  As you express your gratitude, avoid generic phrases such as “Thanks for teaching my child.” Instead, choose specific things that have had meaning to the child.  If there is a particular lesson that the child enjoyed, mention it as in, “Joey still reminds our family of the science experiment with the balloon, vinegar and baking soda.”
  3.  Do not forget to sign the note.  The signature should be more than just your name.  It should include a greeting such as “Yours Truly”, “With Gratitude” or similar words before the signature.

Here are some sample thank you messages that you can use as guide in writing your own


Dear Mr. [name],

My son has been mentioning you a lot in our discussion over dinner.  He regards you as one of the best teachers he had since kindergarten, and I don’t recall him being eager to go to class until now.  He keeps on telling stories about how you make the class lively and how easily he understands your lesson.

He’s been really different since he moved to your class, and I hope that this continues.  Thank you for your work.  We really appreciate it.

With Gratitude,

[Your name]


Dear Coach [name],

I know I haven’t been the good athlete that you’ve expected from me since the start of the semester.  I really am having problems coping up with the studies and the demands of practicing especially now that the examinations are fast approaching.  I know we discussed this before, and I really appreciate the guidance that you’re giving me.  As mentioned, I’ll be out next week to focus on my studies.  I’ll report to practice by early next week.

Thank you very much for understanding.  I promise to do better once I’m back in the team.

Thank you again!


[Your name]


Dear Mrs. [name],

We very happy that our son is enjoying pre-school.  I know my wife mentioned the worries that we had when we enrolled our son.  He’s a bit quiet before, but we’ve seen some transformation recently.  He’s fond of telling stories about his classmates and about how you take care of them — giving them time to play and leading the class to singing and dancing.  The activities are really helping in his development.

Thank you for everything and we hope that you keep on doing a great job.

Yours Truly,

[Your name]



Remember, it is never too late to send a thank you note.  If you have been lax in the past and your student is approaching graduation, you might want to consider writing thank you notes to each teacher that has had a part in his education process. In addition, this is the perfect time for the student to take time to say thanks to those teachers that have had a special place in the education process.

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